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Founder's story


The FEM Group Creative & Co., founded by Juliana Lopes, was born out of her background in fine arts and fashion design. Originally from China, Juliana immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2012. She had always been an avid artist, but was not sure how to turn her creative talents into a successful career path. It was her determination and drive to succeed that led her to explore the world of branding and marketing.

She started her career in graphic design, but found it difficult to acquire clients due to her lack of social and networking skills. She was determined to learn and grow, so she enrolled in online courses and attended networking events, becoming more connected with the industry. As Juliana continued to develop her capabilities, her clientele began to grow and she started to recruit other talents to help with her projects. Juliana noticed that most of the people she encountered were male, and she wondered how female talents secured employment in the creative space. After speaking with many female creatives, she learned that many of them had to settle for jobs that didn't utilize their full potential, such as office administration or working in local stores. This motivated Juliana to make a difference in the lives of female creatives.

Juliana wanted to create a platform for female creatives to showcase their talents, and to offer support and resources to help them succeed. She was also passionate about empowering women in business and wanted to create a space for them to connect, network and share their experiences. As a female entrepreneur, Juliana was aware of the unique challenges women face in business and the need for more resources and support to help them succeed. This led her to create The FEM Group Creative & Co., a company that provides services such as brand development, media distribution, and strategic marketing campaigns. Our team members come from all over the world, and with their exceptional talents and decades of experience in the branding and marketing industry, we have empowered countless business owners to create successful and sustainable brands. With Juliana's leadership, The FEM Group Creative & Co. has become a platform for female creatives to showcase their talents, while also providing resources and support to help them succeed.

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