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Unlock Your Networking Potential and Accelerate Your Career

Learn Proven Strategies to Confidently Build Meaningful Connections and Advance Your Goals

Key Benefits:

Master the Art of Networking: Develop the skills to approach new people, craft compelling conversations, and leave lasting impressions.

Set Powerful Goals: Define your networking objectives and create a strategic plan to achieve them.

Navigate Online Platforms: Utilize LinkedIn, social media, and online communities to expand your network reach.

Build Lasting Relationships: Nurture connections that turn into friendships, collaborations, and career opportunities.

Expert Coaching: Receive personalized guidance and support from Juliana Lopes, a successful entrepreneur and networking advocate.

Who is this program for?

  • Professionals seeking new career opportunities

  • Entrepreneurs looking to expand their network

  • Anyone who wants to become a more confident and successful networker


The Confident Connector: Build Strategic Relationships in 4 Weeks

Week 1: Networking & the Essentials

Week 2: Goal Settings & Networking Platforms

Week 3: Building & Nurturing Relationships

Week 4: Communication Skills & Beyond Networking

Program Details:


4-week live  group coaching sessions + exclusive online community platform


Each live session is 60 minutes

Start Date:

May 22, 2024 @ 7 pm


Early Bird $197 (10 available); Regular price: $297

Meet Juliana Lopes


Juliana Lopes is a powerhouse entrepreneur and advocate for women in business. Featured on Grit Daily for her expertise in building massive networks, she empowers women to connect, collaborate, and achieve success.

Juliana wears many hats. As the founder of The FEM Group, La Vae, and Business Women Magazine Canada, she's built a legacy of creating opportunities for women. Through these platforms, Juliana fosters connections and amplifies the voices of female entrepreneurs.

Her journey began with The FEM Group, a supportive network for women in diverse industries. Juliana has witnessed firsthand the power of connection, inspiring her to share her expertise through this 4-week coaching program.

Join this 4-Week Network Success Coaching Program to Unlock Your Networking Potential and Accelerate Your Career 🚀

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