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Brand Awareness 101 - Ultimate Starter Guide

"Without brand awareness, people don’t even know who you are. "

What is brand awareness?

Let me ask you one question: what would you like to drink with your burger and fries? I bet you thought of Coca-cola or Pepsi, didn't you? The magic of this phenomenon is the product of brand awareness. It seems like an ambiguous force, but brand awareness directly communicates what you need to know about the company. Without brand awareness, people don’t even know who you are. So how can they need to buy something from you if they don’t even know who you are?

What is Digital Marketing? Why should you choose Digital Marketing?

If you want to improve your brand awareness, you don’t have to seek out some complicated software. Instead, you just need to understand how to take advantage of modern technology and turn it into a capitalistic tool for your brand. Understanding the process behind social media platforms, search engine optimization (SEO) and algorithms will push you to the top, and that’s where you need to be! Compared to the traditional method, digital marketing effectively allows you to reach a larger group of audience, which automatically increases brand awareness.

Here are the three ways to increase your brand awareness:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, such as Google Analytics, allows you to assess and optimize the growth of your website. In addition to the keyword introduction, Google also analyzes the website traffic for you! So take advantage of the classic 5 Ws information and customize your content accordingly to boost brand awareness.

Social Media Platforms:

Almost everyone would like to check their social media accounts every day, and that’s when we optimize the brand exposure! Different social media platforms serve different functions and reach different groups of audiences. For example, Gen Z would spend most of their time on Tiktok, while Boomer uses Facebook religiously. Understanding each platform’s specific pros and cons can benefit you in both the short and long terms. It even allows you to re-target your product again and again just to make sure that one individual does not forget to pay for the cart items.